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Talks, Podcasts & Webinar Appearances

Majestic's SEO in 2024 - Podcast, Webinar & Book (December 2023)

Majestic invited me back to share my number one tip for SEO in 2024, alongside one hundred of the world's leading SEOs. 

My tip for SEO in 2024 was not to worry about what is ahead, rather embrace the changes of the new SGE search world. History shows that SEO is a reslient practice, and the fact that "SEO is dead" has become such a long running joke in the industry goes to show we've been here before.  David and I talk about the uncertainties of our industry, performance tracking within SGEs, and how search strategies can be positioned to benefit all users whatever channel they arrive from. 

SEOin2024 site.PNG

Majestic's SEO in 2023 - Podcast, Webinar & Book (December 2022)

Majestic asked one hundred and one of the world's leading SEOs to share their number one actionable tip for 2023.

My SEO tip for 2023 was for brand to think of E-A-T as bigger than just SEO, and bring in their real-world experience to digital strategies (...and shortly after my SEO in 2023 tip was launched online, Google added Experience to the E-E-A-T mix).

Jake Gauntley SEO in 2023.PNG

The Knowledge Panel: How to keep SEO clients happy - Webinar (July 2022)

I joined The Knowledge Panel webinar to share my thoughts on how to keep SEO clients happy and satisfied. 

It was a really fun and insightful discussion with fellow guests Himani Kankaria and Sara Moccand-Sayegh.

You can watch the webinar on YouTube.

Jake Gauntley The Knowledge Panel Webinar.PNG

Reprise Digital #Discovery7: What Zero Click Search Really Means for Brands (September 2019)

Ah, remember the clamour around Zero Click Search following SparkToro's 2019 report that over 50% of searches result in no organic click to site? 

I spoke at Reprise Digital's #Discovery7 event to explain what Zero Click Searches mean for brands and how to navigate a world where organic click share is decreasing. It wasn't all doom and gloom.

Jake Discovery 7.jpg

Talks with SEOs: E-E-A-T is Bigger Than SEO - Podcast (August 2023)

I had a really enjoyable conversation with Austine Esezobor on the Talks With SEOs podcast, discussing the value of E-E-A-T principals outside of SEO

Data shows consumer trust is on the decline in 2023, and I believe there is a lot that can be learned from SEO when it comes to building trust online.  

Talks with SEOs Jake Gauntley EEAT is Biggee Than SEO.jpg

RankRanger Podcast: How to be better business partners for your SEO clients (December 2022) 

I spoke with David Bain for the RankRanker podcast and shared five ways to be better business partners for your SEO clients, including:

  • Is SEO the right choice for their business?

  • Using SEO to make all digital media more efficient 

  • How to leverage SEO data to answer brand questions

  • Being honest when it's time to pivot strategy or resource   

  • Exploring internal processes and work to make them more efficient

RankRanger Podcast Jake Gauntley.jfif

BrightonSEO: How To Leverage SEO When Your Brand Site Doesn't Actually Sell (April 2022)

My main stage talk at BrightonSEO. I shared tips and case studies on how non-D2C brands can still get the most out of SEO, including: Product SEO for Brand Sites That Don't Sell, Finding a Purpose for Your Brand Site That Doesn't Sell and Using Search Data to Get the Business Talking About SEO.

MicrosoftTeams-image v2.png

Hotel Marketing Association: Local Search for Hotels (June 2019)

I delivered a talk for the Hotel Marketing Association at The Dorchester hotel, London, explaining how local search impacts hotel sites and the need to use relevant, expert content to compete in the SERPs.

Jake HMA Local Search June 25 2019.jpg
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